Golf Equipment Aids

There are a lot more golf equipment for a player to select according to his liking. Just like in most sports, there are pieces of equipment that are not necessary tools in a game but still have found their places inside a golf bag of most of the golfers who enjoy splurging on golf equipment.

A ball mark repair tool

This piece of golf equipment does not necessarily aid a person in playing golf. Also called a divot tool or a pitchfork, the ball mark repair tool is golf course maintenance equipment. Players to repair the ground hit by the ball use it. Often times, when a ball has a strong impact on its approach shot, it would leave a depression on the green. This depression is called a ball mark. The ball mark repair tool fixes this depression by loosening the compacted field, permitting a more rapid regrowth of the ruined grass. It also smoothens out the surface of the ground, allowing less external disruptions when putting.

Golf Ball Retrievers

Golf-EquipmentEvery player knows that there is a likelihood that he would end up losing his golf balls in water hazards. In fact, groundkeepers end up finding a large number of lost balls in the pools when they clean it. This is why golf ball retrievers are made. These are golf equipment with telescoping poles and a contraption at the end that scoops up and locks the balls. They are allowed to be used during official games.


These pieces of golf equipment are not allowed during formal golf competitions. They are in fact illegal under Rule 14-3 or the Rules of Golf. They are devices that allow the golf player to measure the exact distance from their position to the hole. They are however allowed by the USGA to be used in local golf courses, if it would only be for recreational uses. These also help amateur golf players to develop a sense of distance and location when they are playing golf.

Rangefinders are optical devices that work by locking the sight scope on the flag. The calibrated gauge in the optics would then compute for a rough estimation on the overall distance based on the seen height of the flagstick.

Stroke Counters

These are devices used by players for them to have a running track of the number of strokes they have done during a round. The most common stroke counters consist of strings of beads or clickers. The player shifts the beads from one side to another for every stroke he does. These then provide the player with the total number of strikes for every game, allowing him to use the scorecard at the end of every round, rather than at every strike.

Golf Equipment

The newer stoke counters are electronic devices that keep a running tally of all the scores of the player, thus generating a reliable over/under par statistics. These modern stroke counters are called electronic scorecards. These are technically allowed, as long as no additional features such as wind gauges or rangefinders are incorporated in the device.

Ball washers

From the name itself, this is the equipment used to clean the golf balls. There are designs available were golf players can carry their own ball washers. Majority of the golf ranges also have their own stand mounted ball washers, often seen near the tee box of every hole. There are also golf ranges that provide ball and club washers attached to their golf carts.

Adhesive clubface surfaces

The adhesive clubface surfaces are not allowed during official competitions. These are golf devices attached at the face of the Woods or Irons. They create additional backspin, thereby reducing roll and making the face softer. This creates consistent short distance shots.

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