Printed Circuit Board Quality Assurance

Printed circuit board has always been a significant and integral part of all electronic gadgets, devices and machineries being used today. In line with this fact is the importance of knowing the quality of a printed circuit board used in electronic equipment as it will largely determine the user’s safety upon use or operation of the device.

Major developments on the manufacturing processes and compliance to the set standard should be applied in the production of this component to test its usability. Failure to meet these standards results to defective or short-lived operating devices, costly factory or production overhead, low product value and incompetence.

Printed circuit board

Whether you are a hobbyist, a small scale or medium scale technological gadget, appliance or machine manufacturer, there are important considerations to take upon deciding on to whom printed circuit board producer you should turn to and avoid foreseen dilemmas. Here are a few things to remember upon making your purchase decisions:

1. Certified by authorities

Most of printed circuit board manufacturing companies or hobbyists have promotional sites or blogs through which customers and prospects can see its credential records and certificates of safety or compliance to standards by ISO, IPC and other governing bodies on electronic device manufacturing standards.

Through a thorough research, you can assurance that the product you are planning to buy has undergone quality check tests and laboratories. There may be instances in which the manufacturer may not have a blog or website. In such situations, take a close examination on the product’s packaging bags or boxes and search for the seals of the reputed authorities on quality assurance standards.

2. Check out for customer complaints

Of course, end users don’t get to crack open gadgets and check the internal components for a blown resistor and look for slowly spreading microscopic dendrites be themselves, and make a blog about it. Such kinds of people are very rare. You could rather check on the shortlists of PCB manufacturers’ clients on their sites and look for the customer feedbacks on the performance of the products they produce. Remember that a supplier plays a vital role in achieving the desired company product quality level. The more credible and reputable the company clients are, the more reassuring manufacturers’ PCBs are.

3. Product knowledge and service offers

Experience on different processes in manufacturing printed circuit board is a great advantage but not a requirement. One must only learn the various methods and materials used in the production of high quality PCBs and identify which ones work for a certain device or machine.

This information could help in understanding the nature of these methods and can let one know how to ask for negotiation, recommendations and desired improvisations from the service providers especially on deciding which PCB design to use for the devices to be manufactured.

4. Partnership

This does not necessarily mean getting into a partnership contract with your supplier. Rather, this gives emphasis on the relationship you should have with your supplier. This will ensure a better business rapport and corporate allegiance. You become a support to one another and together with this bond is an exchange of higher value of product and service.

This is very important especially when you are going to embark on a business venture. For a product quality to be consistent and marketable, the variables in its production should also remain consistent. Not the kind of consistency that denotes stagnant value but of the one that corresponds to continual and gradual progress in quality. The only crucial part in this process is determining who among the suppliers will be the one to care about the success of your endeavor.

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    As printed circuit board has always been a significant and integral part of all electronic gadgets, devices and machineries being used today…… So its necessary to consider different quality factors while choosing a right pcb ….post suggest different quality assurance techniques …..must read !!

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